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Stained Glass

The Revolution of
Stained Glass

Here at Window Creations we have been actively creating and restoring stained glass for over 30 years!

We believe that ceramic printing is the future of stained glass. Glass is constantly evolving and changing and we have been able to stay on the cutting edge by purchasing world class equipment. Our graphic designers and artists are eager to produce glass artwork for traditional and new modern facilities.

Our new automated painting system can produce virtually any digitally created artwork or photo realistic image.

digitally printed stained glass

Advantages of Digitally Printed Stained Glass

Digitally Remastered Artwork

Often times in old stained glass windows we will come across a broken or badly damaged painted piece of stained glass that is in need of repair or replacement. With this new process we are able to more accurately duplicate the historical glass. We feel that this offers the client a new cost-effective option to replace the piece without losing the character of the original artwork.

Higher Quality Images

We can now create higher quality painted glass with more detail.  There is no longer a need for lead or reinforcing bars, which makes a cleaner looking image.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Panels will no longer contain lead and cement, eliminating the need for restoration in the future. Creating a virtually maintenance free window!

Viewable From Both Sides

A benefit of this process is the ability to see the image from both sides because of its reflective value. Unlike traditional stained glass which looks nearly black from the outside.

Ease of installation 

Able to be installed by any commercial glazing contractor.


Our glass has the option of being tempered safety glass which makes the glass very durable and resistant to breaking. In the event that the glass would break it would simple cube up. 

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