Glass Innovations for the Modern Building

Today many buildings are built with architectural glass features which are limited to sandblasting and color vinyl films (which fade or deteriorate over time). Window Creations, LLC has changed all that with our new progressive painting system powered by Dip-Tech! The sky is the limit with our vast spectrum of colors. Our design team can help bring your photo realistic image or custom artwork to life. 

Our goal is to help architects, interior designers, builders, and churches to eliminate restraints, but not function. Ceramic printed glass installs the same as any other glass pane. The color is “fired” or “tempered” into the glass, and it can be painted in a way that allows for transparency or complete opacity. The ultra-durable ceramic inks are also scratch and fade resistant as they become a permanent component in the glass.

In this rapidly changing building environment where function and innovation have to work together, our team at Window Creations is willing and able to give your company the edge to stand out.

Together, let’s be partners in innovation through glass!

Why Choose Digital Printing

Dip-Tech technology has shattered the traditional restrictions of architectural glass printing and glass decoration methods, allowing architects, engineers, and designers to explore new possibilities in modern and sustainable designs. With digital ceramic in-glass printing, you can cost-effectively create designs that reflect your artistic vision – without sacrificing material durability, quality and functionality.

High Quality Images

Dip-Tech’s digital ceramic in-glass printing solutions allow you to infuse any image, design or pattern in-glass with brilliant accuracy and sharp resolution.


We want to offer our clients the safest product so we choose to temper most of our projects. Tempered Glass is classified as Safety Glass that cubes up if broken.


The ultra-durable ceramic inks that are fired into the glass are scratch and fade resistant as they become a permanent component in the glass.

Simple Installation

Our glass installs the same way as regular plate glass, making it very simple for any contractor to install.


Our digital glass printing is completely produced thru green manufacturing practices.


Our printing process on glass allows you to view your artwork from both sides due to its reflective value without having to backlight.

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– Wall Murals
– Room Dividers
– Memorial Plaques
– Exterior Windows


– Stained Glass Originals
– Stained Glass Replications
– Wall Art


– Shower Doors/Enclosures
– Back Splashes
– Windows

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digitally printed stained glass

Greater Bible Way Temple
Jackson, Michigan

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Sacred Heart of Jesus
McCartyville, Ohio

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Parkside Westside
Lakewood, Ohio

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Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish
Burlington - Kentucky

Glass Staircase

Residential Bathroom

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Residential Spa Room
Van Wert, Ohio

Custom Sliding Doors

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St. Johns Catholic
Lima, Ohio

APT Manufacturing
Hicksville, Ohio

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Cross Over The Hill
Van Wert, Ohio

Saint Mary’s Catholic
Defiance, Ohio

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Holy Rosary
Saint Marys, Ohio

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Van Wert Federal Savings Bank
Van Wert, Ohio