Q: What is digitally printed glass?
A: Digitally printed glass is the application of ceramic inks via our progressive painting system that are tempered into the glass. 
Q: How long does the image last on the glass?
A: Great question! Our ceramic paints are extremely durable to scratching, fading, or any changes. The paint is fired into the glass surface similar to how glaze is fired onto pottery.
Q: Is this glass safe after it is tempered?
A: Absolutely! Most of our glass is tempered, making it three or more times stronger to impact and is classified as safety glass.
Q: Is the installation process more difficult or different than standard window glass?
A: Our digitally printed glass installs the same way any other glass panel would. 
Q: I have an idea of what I want, but I need some help, now what?
A: Glad you asked. We have artists and customer service representatives to help you with custom designs.
Q: Where could I use printed glass on my project?
A: You can use printed glass anywhere there is an application for glass. For example, we have installed glass in churches, commercial office spaces, and in private residences. 

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